SM Drive Safely offers high-quality standards to its customers and has more than 3 certifications ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations and its commitment to continuous improvement.

SAAQ authorized representative:

Since 2008, for rim lip resurfacing.

Since 2011, for lug hole reconditioning.

This Quebec standard guarantees the safety aspect of your heavy vehicle’s rims.

ISO 9001-2008 (replaced by ISO 9001-2015):

Usinage SM has met all quality management requirements since 2009, including product compliance and continuous improvement process.

The CWB Certification:

Usinage SM is the holder of this certification since 2007; these guarantee our customers the quality and reliability of our welds. Usinage SM is the only aluminum rim-reconditioning company to have this certification.

SAE J267 Standard:

SM Drive Safely meets the SAE J267, an American standard. This standard matches the performance requirements and laboratory procedures for truck wheel-fatigue testing, requirements crucial for increased trust.

SM Drive Safely is the only company in Quebec specialized in aluminum rim reconditioning to possess these 3 certifications and to work with certified retailers. Contact us to find the nearest service point in your area.