About us

Usinage SM was founded in 2000 when its owner, Sylvain Morin, began operating a small machine shop in the garage of the family residence after returning to school and getting a diploma in machining technology.

As the demand and the number of employees was growing, M. Morin was forced to invest in the construction of a new building, located in the Chicoutimi’s new industrial park, on rue des Actionnaires.

Usinage SM is a young and dynamic company working in various fields associated with welding and machining. In 2006, the company invested in a new project, heavy truck aluminum-rim reconditioning (a $500,000.00 investment).

In February 2009, because the ever-increasing demand, Usinage SM had to acquire new equipment (VTC 300 machining centre, rim-washing machine) in order to optimize its innovative heavy truck aluminum rim reconditioning process. This project also required major investments (approximately $400,000.00).

Since then, the company has continued to thrive through research and development to recondition and resurface the largest number of aluminum rims.

Today, Usinage SM is proud of what it has become, a reference in conventional and digital machining and in heavy truck aluminum-rim reconditioning.